Steroids for Muscle Mass

Steroids for Muscle Mass

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Often, athletes do not know which steroids to put on weight to choose, because a lot of them. All of these drugs have their own advantages and disadvantages, different characteristics and produce different results.

There is a powerful steroids to quickly increase muscle mass, but the main drawback of most of them – strong flavoring and a health hazard, but there are more mild and safe, which stimulate the growth of lean muscle mass without gaining fat. Experienced athletes often take on the same course for several drugs to achieve better and quality results. If you choose a high-quality anabolic steroids and take them in the right scheme, observing all precautions, the result in the form of a voluminous, elastic and relief of muscle won't keep you waiting.

Injectable steroids for muscle mass

Steroids in form of injections are in great demand among experienced bodybuilders. They are better absorbed, are more efficient, providing even stronger anabolic effect, stable growth of muscle mass, strength and endurance.

DECA Durabolin is one of the most famous and the most effective steroids for quick mass. During the average course weight gain is up to 6 kg, a "rollback" after discontinuation of the steroid is small.

Recommended dosage Soundboard for beginners to competitive athletes – one ampoule every 5-7 days. More advanced athletes can increase the dosage twice and (or) increase the frequency of injections to twice a week. Even more effective DECA Durabolin acts in combination with oral steroids. With the right combination can accelerate lean muscle growth or to improve its quality by reducing the fluid retention in the muscle and burning excess fat.

Use Soundboard for hard training athletes is not confined to muscle growth. Also during his admission strengthens bone tissue and increases production of synovial fluid, thereby reducing the load on the joints, pain disappear in them when performing heavy exercise.

Sustanon 250 is a powerful steroid with a high androgenic activity, which includes four testosterone ester with different validity period. This medication stimulates quick growth of muscle mass, strength and endurance by increasing the concentration of free testosterone in the body. Once in the body, testosterone esters are one after the other, ensuring consistently high concentration of active ingredient and uniform anabolic effect for a long time.

The average recommended dosage of Sustanon 250 is one vial every 4-6 days. Steroids on the basis of testosterone shift with "dead spots" even those who have already reached the natural limit of growth and who's soft and safe steroids do not bring any result. With the Sustanon you can get out of "stagnation" and once again begin to progress, the main thing – to use the drug correctly.

Boldenone is the best injectable steroid for building lean muscle mass. Unlike DECA and Sustanon it does not aromatize, does not violate the work of the reproductive and hormonal systems. In General, it is safe and harmless to your health steroid if taken within the recommended dosages: for beginners to competitive athletes – about 400 mg, for the experienced 600 mg and more.

Every year the popularity of safe steroids for building lean muscle mass is increasing. This means that fewer athletes are chasing quick results, preferring quality and caring about the safety of their health. Already, Boldenone is one of the most popular steroids in the near future it will be even more popular.

Best oral steroids for muscle mass

Oral steroids are more convenient to use, but because in great demand, especially among beginners. They begin to act much faster than injectable steroids, but their period of activity in the body is much shorter, which should make them more often.

Turinabol – soft and absolutely safe for the health of steroid, stimulates the growth of pure muscle mass without the accumulation of fluid and fat. Muscles become rigid and raised, at the same time increases their physical potential.

Turinabol itself is well absorbed and tolerated by the body. Much more efficient it acts in combination with injectable steroids, enhances their anabolic effect and at the same time, prevents the accumulation of fluid. The result of the incremental weight is obtained is denser and better preserved.

The average recommended dosage is 40 mg per day, but ideally it should count individually, taking into account the physical shape, experience of the use of anabolic drugs and the goals of the athlete. Since the activity period of the active substance Turinabol is less than a day, you need to divide the daily dose into two doses.

Dianabol is a powerful oral anabolic on the basis of methandienone. Stimulates a quick growth of muscle mass, strengthens bones, ligaments and tendons. Because of its diverse actions in great demand by both novice and experienced weightlifters.

The average recommended dosage is 30 mg (3 tablets) per day, but experienced athletes take 5 or more pills. For best effect it can be combined with a mild steroid, such as Boldenone, Winstrol, Masteron, as well as steroids on the basis of testosterone and nandrolone.

The more powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid has, the more it loads the body and more dangerous to health. However, everyone decides that is more important to him: as fast as possible "pumping" of the muscles or a stable increase quality muscle mass without compromising health. It is from the course objectives depends on the choice of steroids to build mass.