Do You Need Steroids?

Do You Need Steroids?

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Bodybuilding emerged in the background of the advent of steroids, they remain an integral part thereof. There is nothing strange in the fact that everyone who is into pumping iron, sooner or later think about the possibility of using such means to achieve more visible results of their workouts. Reasons why professional athletes and Amateurs use steroids, several.

The impact of the community. Among the bodybuilders, the idea of natural training not taken seriously and rejected. Experienced athletes for a long time, taking steroids, are trying to show their young and neopoznannymi colleagues that without "chemistry" those will not achieve anything. They talk about the miraculous properties of anabolic steroids, give examples and dedicate those new to the subtleties of the use of drugs and about side effects if there are, then only in passing. With the advent of the Internet, this propaganda went beyond the gym and has spread to sports forums and specialized sites, where experienced "chemists" are happy to give advice to novice athletes and in detail the correct paint advantages, in their opinion, bodybuilding. In fact, these "mentors" are unable to objectively evaluate and compare positive and negative aspects of the use of doping. Not only that, they convinced themselves in the exceptional use of steroids, and impose their false opinion with other people.

Hope for quick results. In the quest to look perfect men are not inferior to women and are willing to go to great lengths for this. How disappointing to realize that the grueling hours of training in the gym not give the desired result: neither the volume nor relief. Add to that the envy of the results of more "experienced" athletes and their sermons about steroids and the decision is made – either for sports, or progress and development with the help of doping.

The opportunity just a couple of months to build up large relief muscle looks very attractive, but sometimes for fast results you have to pay health. Unfortunately, many prefer to learn from their mistakes.

Complexes and disadvantages. Now many men go to the gym not because I love sports and prefer a healthy lifestyle, and to hide behind the big muscles and the power of their flaws – physical or psychological. For such people is not so much a process as a result. Then again come to the aid of an experienced "chemists" who are ready to commit anyone to the "wonderful world of sports pharmacology".

Threshold natural abilities of the body. The possibilities of the human body is limited, after the age of 21-25 years the organism's capacity for recovery after exercise is getting worse. After a few years since the start of regular training every bodybuilder faces the challenge of stopping the progress when the growth of muscle mass and strength naturally impossible. In this situation, the athlete is faced with a choice: to exert maximum effort to maintain your current form or use drugs. Often choose the second option, because the idea that the limit of capacity is reached and the best achieve will not happen, scares and gets the male ego.

Do you need to take steroids?

Many beginners are interested in what happens if you try the steroids, what the result will be, if you go for one short course or to take the minimum dosage. Here the main problem is to preserve the muscle mass that even a short course you can get a few pounds of muscle mass, but keep it very difficult, as discontinuation of steroids a person begins to lose weight. If you do not take any measures to lead a normal lifestyle and train in the usual amounts, all typed on the rate of weight you can lose in 2-3 months. The recommended interval between repetitions of courses – 4 weeks. Thus, to keep yourself in shape and progress, the steroids need to be taken continuously. There are only two options: quickly "pump up" the steroids and feel like Schwarzenegger until my muscles will "deflate" or to support muscles in perfect form, "sitting" on the doping of 6 to 10 months of the year.

With a serious approach in one course you can gain 10 kg of muscle mass. This abrupt growth creates strain on the internal organs and musculoskeletal system, and save a lot in full unreal. 10-15 extra pounds don't make the average person bodybuilder. If of course the athlete weight was 70 kg, then in 80-85 kg in clothes it will look almost the same. With the growth of 180 cm need to have a mass of at least 95-100 pounds but I have a year to plow in the gym even with the use of doping.

First steroid course always gives excellent results, but let first impression is not misleading – with each repetition the result will be worse and worse, and to maintain the form will have to increase the dosage and to combine different steroids. The higher the dosage, the greater the number of side effects and the more load on the body. Know professionals, but often forget in their zeal for novices.

The main problem is that after trying the steroids and felt the results of their actions, lose interest in natural training. Some returned to steroids after some time, when I tried for the first time – the desire to get more with less effort, still outweighs the endurance and willpower needed for hard training without the use of drugs.

Before combing through the Internet looking for information on the proper use of steroids, you need to answer one question: what I do not like a normal athletic build, why do I need huge muscles? Maybe it's cool, it's fashionable, it's manly? No, it is not more than the imposed ideals. Others do not care what you have muscle mass, what volume of biceps and what is your working weight, everyone has enough problems of their own. Why limit yourself to cheap ideals? To look and feel great, enough to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and regularly visit the gym, without fanaticism.

Side effects of steroids

All anabolic drugs in one way or another harmful to health, if we are talking about the dosages used in bodybuilding. There are several basic side effects that are common to most steroids:

  • Increasing the level of cholesterol in the blood. Long-term use of anabolic drugs worsens the blood lipid profile, blood vessels constrict and lose their elasticity, they form cholesterol plaques, the rupture of which leads to stroke.
  • Active hair growth around the body. The sharp increase in the level of testosterone stimulates the growth of hair all over the body, even in the most undesirable areas. Together with that some men, especially older than 30 years, there may be loss of hair and partial baldness.
  • Acne. Increased greasiness of the skin and acne – though it is not the worst, but a very unpleasant consequence of the influence of anabolic substances on the body;
  • Toxic effects on the liver. Despite the fact that the liver is able to heal itself, long-term use of oral steroids can seriously disrupt her work and lead to serious consequences.
  • The suppression of natural testosterone production. During the application of steroids in the body there is a sharp shift in hormones, in such circumstances, the natural production of testosterone, follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormone stops, and full recovery takes a long time.
  • A temporary increase in libido. During the course, greatly increased libido, sometimes it's distracting from work, and even from workouts, but many men evaluate it positively. This phenomenon is temporary, after completion of the course there may be problems with potency.
  • Heartburn. Occurs when the use of oral anabolics. Of temporary it can develop into more serious problems for example cancer of the esophagus.
  • Abscess. May occur as a result of improper injection.
  • Premature closure of growth zones in adolescents. Under the influence of steroids skeletal growth may stop prematurely, which leads to various diseases of musculoskeletal system and internal organs.
  • Increased risk of cancer. Direct influence on the formation of malignant tumors steroids do not have, however, accelerate the risk of existing ones. Most at risk are people with a predisposition to cancer.

Almost all of these actions are temporary and reversible, but is it worth testing your body strength? Isn't it better to lead a normal life, to train for fun, not to depend on pills and not to bother over the volume of muscle mass? To answer these questions once you have the right yourself, it's your health, your life, and how it is lived, depends only on you.